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Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox Before and After Pictures

Greta Van Susteren, the famous TV personality from America, is rumored that she’d plastic surgery. It is saying that Greta has done Eyelift, Botox and Facelift. When the famous host Greta Van Susteren moved from CNN to Fox news in early 2002, she got plastic surgery...

Did Ha Ji Won have Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Facial Fillers and Eyelid Surgery Photos

Koren idol Ha Ji Won was accused has beauty transformation through plastic surgery. This rumor appears when her old photos that look so different with her recent appearance widely spreading among Netizen. Some believe she had put herself under the knife, but the other party or Ha Ji Won enthusiasm said its just make up that...

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Nose Job Photos

Dolly Parton Flaunts Her Figure By Plastic Surgery Attempts Sometimes it is hard to notice if a person has had a plastic surgery while other times it is obvious that there has been some surgical alteration. Many people think that Dolly Parton plastic surgery...

Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Botox, Breast Implants and Nose Job Before and After Photos

The beautiful and iconic actress Gwyneth Paltrow has again in 2013 been awarded the title Most Beautiful Woman In the World. After all of these years of fame, this American actress continues to be a simple, natural beauty. Just how natural her beauty really is has recently come into question, however, due to some...

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Procedures: Breast Augmentation, Botox, Browlift, Liposuction Before and After

Demi Moore is an American actress who is in rumors nowadays, due to 120 thousand dollar plastic surgery. She has spent 330 thousand dollars on her fitness and diet. She has taken the training of yoga and kick boxing. Demi Moore plastic surgery has changed her appearance and now she has increased and...

Cindy Jackson Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Job, Lip and Cheek Implants Before and After

Cindy Jackson holds the official world record for “Most Cosmetic Procedures”, after undergoing 52 cosmetic procedures by the age of 55. Cindy has spent approximately $100,000 on plastic surgery that includes 14 actual operations (5 full face lifts, lots of liposuction, 2 eye lifts, chin reduction, lip implants, multiple boob jobs, nose job,...

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Before and After Disaster Photos

Plastic surgery is not always good. It doesn’t always help people to get fabulous look, but can make someone become the worst looking human in the world. Donatella Versace is one of the plastic surgery’s victims. Everything she did with plastic surgery has gone awful. How could it be? This could be the doctor’s...

Christopher Knight Plastic Surgery Hair Remove Before and After Pictures

On the latest episode of Dr. 90210, the Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight underwent laser hair removal on his neck, between his eyes, inside his ears, and even inside his nose! While my practice offers laser hair removal, I’ve never seen it done to some of these weird areas. I’m not the one...

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Photos

Daryl Hannah, was undoubtedly a beauty icon back in the 80's with her hit movie "Splash" and even maintained her hot image 20 years later in the movie "Kill Bill." If you have ever watched Kill Bill, you may know that one of the...

Did Fergie have Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Botox Injections, Facelift and Nose Jobs

Fergie is an American singer-songwriter, fashion designer and actress (born March 27, 1975). Her real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson. Fergie was also a co-host of the television show Great Pretenders. Her debut album, The Dutchess released in September 2006, produce five Billboard Hot 100 Top 5 singles. She is also the female...


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